Caregiver’s Well-being Plan

As caregivers, sometimes, we forget to consider our mental and emotional well-being. We should consider making our health a priority in our lives. The information below provides information to consider when identifying a strategy to focus on your well-being. Many caregivers become stressed and have anxiety and depression, which may lead to “caregiver burnout.” Remember, as your health declines, your care recipient’s level of care may deteriorate.
After reviewing the “Action Plan,” along with your licensed professional, doctor, or counselor, set your plan in motion to support your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Maybe, at first, you incorporate two or three new habits in your daily life, but at least you will be on a self-focused wellness journey.

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Develop a Caregiver Wellness “Action Plan”

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Eat Healthy Diet

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Stay Active and Socialize

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Daily Meditation 

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Sleep Meditation

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Stay Connected - Friends and Family.

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Regular Health Checkups

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Get Caregiver Advocate

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Caregiver Support Group

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Get Caregiver Counselor

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Get Care Recipient a Counselor

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Get Your Sleep

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Use Respite Services/Care

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Contact Health and Human Services - Caregiver Programs

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Research Caregiver Service Organizations

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Take Mini or Seven Day Vacations/Getaways


The above activities and techniques are provided for informational purposes only. We are not medical professionals or doctors and do not provide medical advice. You should talk to your licensed medical professional, doctor, and/or Mental Health Counselor before selecting a plan of action for your mental, emotional, and physical health needs. All caregivers are on different paths, with various levels of stress and anxiety, and on a possible road to caregiver burnout. Be sure to reach out to your family, friends, or medical professionals, if you are experiencing mental, emotional, or health issues.