Want to Stop Overreacting? Try Affect Labeling, Author Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph d


How naming emotions calms you down. KEY POINTS• Over-the-top emotions can cloud our judgment, impair decision-making, and strain relationships.• Affect labeling works on the idea of cognitive reappraisal, where we rethink the meaning of our emotions.• Affect labeling shows that…

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Balancing the Complexities of Navigating a Career While Managing the Responsibilities of Being a Caregiver, Author: Karen Schnupp


Most working individuals must balance the duties and responsibilities of their job with the responsibilities in their personal lives to include raising children or even grandchildren, while maintaining and nurturing a relationship with their significant other. In addition to each…

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Integrating Distance Caregivers into family-centered, Quality Cancer Care


In an era characterized by globalization and mobility, the traditional concept of caregiving hasexpanded beyond geographical boundaries. Distance caregiving has emerged as a significantaspect of contemporary family dynamics, challenging individuals to provide support and carefor their loved ones from afar.…

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Why Family Caregivers Should Ask for Help, Reasons They May Not!


Navigating the intricate landscape of family caregiving, one might assume that asking for help is straightforward. However, seeking assistance from friends, family, or external sources is often complex for family caregivers. The reasons behind a caregiver’s hesitation to ask for…

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Caring for a Spouse and Navigating Adult Children’s Demands, Author: Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph. D.


Managing the input of grown children can be difficult while caring for a spouse. KEY POINTS My client Linda cried to me in session, “I am so caught in the middle. Kevin and Sue, my two adult children, keep trying…

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A man standing on the edge of a mountain near river

Unveiling the Potential: What Can Hypnosis Do for You? Author: Janet Goldman, Hypnotherapist/Coach


Have you ever wondered if hypnosis could help you achieve your goals? Well, the truth is that hypnotherapy offers a broad spectrum of benefits. From personal development to behavioral changes and stress management, it has proven to be an effective…

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A girl supporting another old woman inside a park

Are You a Caregiver Without Knowing It? 


Caring for a loved one is often a role we take on willingly and selflessly. Whether it is looking out for an aging parent, providing emotional support to a friend going through a tough time, or assisting a family member…

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A man in suit and tie holding out his hands.

Why Do Employees Not Feel Supported at Work for Mental Health Well-being?


In a Zippia article of 2022, only 15% of U. S. employees feel adequately supported by their companies in terms of their mental well-being. This statistic raises the question: What factors contribute to this low level of feeling supported? Over…

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A woman getting her head washed by a masseuse.

Prioritizing Self-Care: Do Not Wait Until You Experience Caregiver Burnout!


Caring for a loved one is a true act of love and dedication. But it also can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining to a caregiver. Nonpaid caregivers often find themselves putting their loved one’s needs, and there are other…

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A person is making a heart with their hands

Transforming Self-Talk: A Journey to Self-Love


In the grand tapestry of life, each of us walks our unique path as imperfect human beings, striving to make the best of what we have. Along this journey, we accumulate layers of conditioning from various life experiences, trauma, families,…

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