“Caregiver Advocate Business” Program


Business Size: 1-10 employees


We are excited to present the “Caregiver Advocate Business” Program, an innovative initiative dedicated to bolstering work-life balance for caregivers in organizational settings. This comprehensive program offers strategic insights and resources, empowering companies to establish a caregiver-friendly workplace that aligns with the demands of the modern workforce. As the role of caregivers becomes increasingly crucial, progressive organizations with adaptable leadership that embraces top-down support for the program can usher in transformative cultural shifts. By doing so, they stand to reap significant benefits, including cost reduction and the cultivation of a loyal and engaged employee community as businesses compete for top talent. This program is customizable by your management team for small, medium, or large businesses to align with your budget. The cost does not include training programs or consulting.

The program should only be utilized by the purchasing organization. If consulting firms desire to purchase the program to implement within multiple companies or their clients, please contact us to discuss. The program is non-transferable without the written consent of Caregiver Mental Wellness, Inc.

After you purchase the program, it will be sent by email for download.

All the cost of the program goes to the nonprofit organization, Caregiver Mental Wellness, Inc., to continue their vision and objectives to continue the charitable and educational outreach initiatives to foster caregivers’ mental and emotional well-being.

If you have questions, contact us, or schedule a telephone consultation.

Additional information

Business Cost

1 to 10 Employees = $299.00, 11 to 50 Employees = $399.00, 51 to 299 Employees = $599.00, 300 to 499 Employees = $799.00, 500 to 749 Employees = $999.00, 750 to 999 Employees = $1,199.00, 1000 to 1499 Employees = $1,499.00, Over 1500 Employees = $1,899.00