Balancing the Complexities of Navigating a Career While Managing the Responsibilities of Being a Caregiver, Author: Karen Schnupp

Most working individuals must balance the duties and responsibilities of their job with the responsibilities in their personal lives to include raising children or even grandchildren, while maintaining and nurturing a relationship with their significant other. In addition to each of these roles, many individuals at some point in their life will also become a…

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Integrating Distance Caregivers into family-centered, Quality Cancer Care

In an era characterized by globalization and mobility, the traditional concept of caregiving hasexpanded beyond geographical boundaries. Distance caregiving has emerged as a significantaspect of contemporary family dynamics, challenging individuals to provide support and carefor their loved ones from afar. This paradigm shift is fueled by factors such as careeropportunities, educational pursuits, and the general…

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Are You a Caregiver Without Knowing It? 

A girl supporting another old woman inside a park

Caring for a loved one is often a role we take on willingly and selflessly. Whether it is looking out for an aging parent, providing emotional support to a friend going through a tough time, or assisting a family member with a disability, we step into the caregiving role out of love and concern. However,…

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